• 17 Jul 2019

    "Mayors need to think in a sustainable way and walk their talk" - rewinding SET-Plan Conference

    The 12th SET Plan Conference & CoR ENVE Conference was held on 12-14 June in Bucharest, and organised by Covenant Supporter AMR (Association of Municipalities in Romania). The conference discussed how to make the ecological transition happen locally, and how to foster dialogue between the public sector (municipalities, regions) and the private sector (SMEs) at local level.

    The conference, and especially the Covenant of Mayors session, triggered fruitful dialogues between cities and investors.

    “Mayors need to think in a sustainable way and walk their talk”.

    The city of Cluj-Napoca has been implementing bold actions to improve its transport systems. Part of its strategy relies on electric public transport by 2026, setting up free electric vehicles charging stations, and incentives for car sharing.

    clujnapoca2Mayor of Cluj-Napoca Emil Boc shared his recipe to make his city sustainable and smart: a leader with a vision, a strategy, proper infrastructures, support to implementation and local innovation. He declared “They [Mayors] have to provide a vision for the city that would guide the setup of concrete strategies and actions, and nudging citizens’ behaviours towards sustainable patterns. For this process to truly deliver results, the involvement of universities and expertise centres is a key factor”.


    “Banks have to do more than just provide financial solutions to municipalities”


    According to Joost Declerck, special adviser for Energy efficiency promotion for Belfius Bank, banks have to do more than only providing financing solutions: they need to establish a dialogue with municipalities, in order take on board the political level that would drive investments.



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