• 13 Dec 2021

    "The Covenant of Mayors is a redwire in our daily work": 2021 Coordinators and Supporters Reports are out!

    In Europe, the Covenant of Mayors gathers over 10,000 signatory municipalities. But what you may not know yet is that our community also gathers hundreds of Coordinators and Supporters, all of them committed to supporting the signatories in their endeavours.

    "The Covenant of Mayors is, like we call it, the red wire in our daily work. After being recognised as a Territorial Coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors, we reorganized our work and start to focus on climate mitigation and adaption projects and initiatives"
    Interleuven (Belgium),
    Covenant Territorial Coordinator

    Our office has just released two reports that summarise the main accomplishments of these organisations in 2021.

    How has the 2050 ambition of the Covenant of Mayors been perceived in the different parts of Europe? How have Coordinators and Supporters been supporting the signatories in reaching their local energy and climate goals? 

    Check out the 2021 Coordinators Report and Supporters Report to find the answers!